Inclusive dates

Team leader Karine Clément (KC) PU-PH AP-HP/UPMC Permanent
Researchers Jean Daniel Zucker (JDZ) DR IRD/UPMC Permanent
  Michèle Guerre Millo (MGM) DR INSERM Permanent
  Danièle Lacasa (DL) CR INSERM Permanent
  Salwa Rizkalla (SR)* CR INSERM Permanent
  Nicolas Venteclef (NV) CR INSERM Permanent
  Joan Tordjman (JT) MCU UPMC Permanent
  Beatrice Dubern (BD)* PH AP-HP Permanent
Hospital / University Researchers Arnaud Basdevant (AB)* PU-PH AP-HP/UPMC Permanent
  Patrick Tounian (PT)* PU-PH AP-HP/UPMC Permanent
  Christine Poitou-Bernert (CP)* MCU – PH AP-HP/UPMC Permanent
PhD students and Post docs Aurélie Cotillard Post-Doc INSERM 01/02/2010-31/12/2012
  Kavya Anjani Post-Doc UPMC 01/08/2011-31/12/2012
  Laure Fourchaud Post-Doc INSERM 01/11/2011-31/10/2012
Post-Doc Froogh Hajduch* Post-Doc INSERM 01/01/2009-30/06/2010
  Amine Toubal PHD Student UPMC 01/10/2012
  David Dernoncourt PHD Student UPMC 01/10/2012
  Sophie Reggio PHD Student UPMC 01/10/2012
  Vanessa Pellegrinelli PHD Student UPMC 01/10/2010
  Judith Aron-Wisneswky* PHD Student UPMC 01/10/2010
  Meriem Abdennour PHD Student UPMC 01/10/2009
  Jean-Charles Lafarge PHD Student UPMC 01/10/2009
  Elise Dalmas PHD Student UPMC 01/10/2008-02/07/2012
End of PhD thesis Mayoura Keophiphath PHD Student UPMC 01/10/2006-02/07/2009
Engineers and Technicians Christine Rouault IE 1 ETP INSERM Permanent
  Flavien Jacques IE 1 ETP INSERM Permanent
  Rohia Alili* IE 1 ETP UPMC Permanent
  Véronique Pelloux* AI 1 ETP UPMC Permanent
  Nadine Le Pontois Tech-Administrative 1 ETP UPMC Permanent
Contracts (CDD) – End CDD Vanessa Benhamo IE 1 ETP INSERM 01/01/2009-31/12/2009
  Maria Pini IE UPMC 01/01/2012-31/12/2013
  Omran Allatif AI INSERM 01/06/2012-31/05/2013
  Sophia Bensafi* Tech INSERM 01/05/2012-28/02/2013
  Marc Gislon ADT UPMC 01/03/2012-31/08/2012
*personals located at the hospital site (Pitié-Salpêtrière) and dedicated to clinical investigation.

Organization chart

Directeur : Karine Clément
Theme / task Responsible Researcher ITA impliqués Post-doctorants/doctorants
Molecular factors responsible for rapid expansion of fat mass and human obesity development K Clément B Dubern, P Tounian, C PoitouA Basdevant R AliliV Pelloux H Hooton (PHD)F Hajduch (Post-Doc)
Biomarkers and predictors in nutrition. Bioinformatic research applied to the biology of the fat tissue JD Zucker K Clément, J Tordjman, S Rizkalla F JacquesV PellouxO Allatif E Prifti (PHD 2011)R Temanni (PHD 2009)A Cotillard (Post-Doc), K Anjani (Post-Doc), L Fourchaud (Post-Doc)D Dernoncourt (PHD),M Abdennour (PHD)F Hajduch (Post-Doc 2009-2010)

LC Kong (PHD 2011)


Origin and consequences of inflammation in the adipose tissue. M Guerre Millo D Lacasa, N Venteclef, J Tordjman, S Rizkalla C Rouault,M PiniS BensafiV Benhamo K Anjani (Post-Doc) A Toubal (PHD), JC Lafarge (PHD), E Dalmas (PHD 2012), J Aron-Wisneswky (PHD), S Reggio (pHD),V Pellegrinelli (PHD), A Divoux (PHD 2010)M Keophiphath (PHD 2009), N Naour (PHD 2009)