Nutriomics : a little bit of history

Nutriomics team project aims at understanding the biological mechanisms involved in the development of human obesity and its comorbidities, its chronic maintenance and the resistance to weight loss. Our team was built after an Inserm ‘Avenir’ contract with the opportunity of forming a group made up of Inserm researchers, faculty researchers and bioinformatic experts, thus uniting complementary skills. Our mix INSERM/ University team, created by Inserm on 2006 January 1st (scientifically quoted A+ par AERES the French Agency of Research Evaluation), is based on a single theme, to be called Nutrition and Obesity: genetic and transcriptomic approaches (nutriomics). We joined the Cordelier Research Center (CRC) U872 in 2008. Our work led to original publications and hypothesis which are deeply explored notably in interaction with several teams of the CRC and national and international collaborators. Our activity is tidily linked to the heart and metabolism division at Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital, Paris at the novel Institute of Cardiometabolism and Nutrition (ICAN).

Our working hypothesis is that obesity is a disease of adaptation to changes in modern life styles. If genetic determinants favor obesity development in response to multiple environmental modifications, molecular and structural adaptations of adipose tissue contribute to disease maintenance, the resistance to treatments and co morbidity development. By searching in the complexity of data from functional genomic studies and bioclinical phenotype characterization, we will be seeking to identify new physiopathological targets, biomarkers and predictors of disease stage of progression. A crux of the program is therefore the integration of data from a multiplicity of sources. Now we are elaborating our new project for the new 2014-2018 period.

Previous Programs (Clinical Research contract)

PHRC 2002-2007: Adiposity signals and obesity. Primary Investigator Prof. K Clément
CRC 2006-2008: Inflammation and Obesity. Primary Investigator Dr C Poitou-Bernert

Ongoing Programs

PHRC 2011-2015. Microbaria (Focus on gut microbiota changes and bariatric surgery) Primary Investigator Prof. K Clément / Dr J Aron- Wisnewsky) CRIC 2011-2013. CRC Fibrota (focus on adipose tissue remodeling) Primary Investigator Dr J Aron- Wisnewsky C/ Dr J Aron- Wisnewsky

Collaborative programs

PHRC Promise (program on physical activity): Primary Investigator Prof JM Oppert